Understanding your Teenager

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As parents, you sometimes misunderstand what your teenagers are really trying to say to you and often find yourselves unable to respond effectively. Your children are at an age when you are encouraging them to express themselves, but are unfortunately unable to understand their language. Research consistently concludes that both the quantity and quality of the communication between teenagers and parents affects teenage decision making. It is evident that teens make healthier decisions, cope better with peer pressure, and have higher self-esteem when their parents positively and consistently talk to them, without invading their space. This workshop will serve as your guide for understanding your teenagers, how to translate non-verbal communication such as changes in dress and behaviour, and to know whether to worry or not.

Understanding the fundamentals on the road toward communication Learning how to ask so they want to tell Translating non-verbal communication Requests for independence – When “back off really means back me up” The evolving identities of mothers and fathers and family units Some things are better left unsaid A different kind of normal? Adolescent and teenage life coaching Tracey does individual coaching sessions with adolescents and young adults and creates a place of trust, ease and honesty in her sessions with them. Enormous personal progress is made within this coaching process, as it is often necessary for someone completely unrelated to the family to listen, hear, respect and guide

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