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Tracey Fowler Coaching has been successfully growing individuals personally and professionally for many years and has found that really positive, life-changing results can be achieved with children and young adults. " The person being coached feels really empowered by the realisation that they are able to overcome life obstacles and that they also have choices in their lives as long as they realise the consequences of their decisions. If there is total commitment to the coaching process, then the ideas and "life tools" discussed in the sessions can meaningfully assist in changing behaviour, thoughts and feelings – for the better. Coaching can bring immediate, positive change in the lives of children and teenagers" – Tracey Fowler.


Before our first session I will always have a telephone conversation with the parent/s so that I know what issues/topics they would like me to address. The parents' issues might not be raised in the first session, during which I always ask the child or young adult what they would like to talk about. I feel that it is important to address what is on the coachee's mind first before moving on to the parents' agenda, which is discussed at a later stage in the session, or during subsequent sessions. Should it be that the child or young adult has the same issue as the parent, we start troubleshooting the problem immediately.

In the coaching sessions, I use both 'life tools' and discussion to establish the issue(s) at hand and try to establish what the child or young adult would like to happen in their lives, going forward. Together we set goals and look at ways of achieving those in order to reach the desired outcome. This solution may not necessarily be the preferred route for the parents, but by letting the child or young adult find the answer themselves and then developing a plan with them, they will feel empowered and equipped to take control of their lives. This situation will, in turn, raise their self-esteem.

My sessions are lively, interactive and supportive. I help the child or young adult to think creatively. I ask appropriate questions that lead the person being coached to verbalise their thoughts and ideas, without pressuring them in any way.


The Tracey Fowler Coaching practice is based at Broadacres Lifestyle Centre on Cedar Road in Fourways, Johannesburg. I am however a mobile coach, willing to meet in any relaxed environment, which allows the coachee to feel comfortable. I also do telephone coaching (via Skype) if (due to logistics) a face-to-face visit is not possible. Face-to-face sessions are however best, as we are then able to get to know each other better, creating a platform of honesty and trust.


My sessions are weekly unless you state a preference otherwise, and the sessions last for 45 minutes (SKYPE sessions are half an hour long). I generally see coachees for 3 to 6 sessions. We take the sessions at the participants' pace but are normally able to tackle the prominent issues during the first session.


I work with coachees of all ages, however, my focus is on children and young adults.


All discussions are strictly confidential unless the participants give me permission to discuss our conversations with parents/partners, or, they have disclosed information to me that I am deeply concerned about. Most coachees are happy for me to talk to their parents/partners between sessions. This process and exchange of information not only allows me to make the parent/partner aware of how the coachee wants to solve the problem, but the parent/partner knows what changes they can expect to see, and how they may be of assistance. With the parent on my side, they can talk to the child or young adult about their emotional and behavioural progress and encourage them to keep going with changing their actions/thoughts/beliefs.
About Nicole La Grange

Some very important things you might like to know about me. I am a 32-year-old South African and I love dogs, reading and making a difference. I am a wildlife fanatic. I love adventure. I dream of working with people and animals. I think communication is the foundation for everything in life. I am crazily in love with the family I am building and the family I was raised in.

I have not always been a coach, though my coaching and consulting experience began whilst facilitating a staff retail workshop for Burberry in London, back in 2005. Prior to coaching, I was a Marketing and Communications professional for 10 years and held various positions with leading FMCG company Unilever, including; global business strategy, account management and marketing – all centred around building relationships, leadership, team building, accountability and positive enthusiasm to make things happen. My personal adventure spans three continents, 32 countries and some life experience to last a lifetime.

I also hold a Bachelor of Technology Degree, graduating with a first at the Durban University of Technology in 2003. I like to think that my personal life experience brings a warm, open and intuitive style to my coaching.

Matriculated – Durban Girls College 1999 (Distinction)
National Diploma in Communication & Design – Durban University of Technology 2002 (Top Student)
Bachelor's Degree in Technology – Durban University of Technology 2003 (Top Student; Honours)

Courses & Qualification

COMENSA Certified (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa, South Africa)

Tracey Fowler Life Coaching Academy (South Africa)

Personal Effectiveness/Managing Self and Others (South Africa)

Retail – Customer Workshop (South Africa)

Change Management (South Africa)

Diversity (South Africa)

Supply Chain Basics (South Africa)

Optimising Promotional Sell Out (South Africa)

Raising Personal Effectiveness (South Africa)

Time Management (South Africa)

Negotiation Skills & Critical Conversations (South Africa)

Retail – Customer Marketing Foundation 1, 2 & 3 (South Africa)

Consumer Market Planning (South Africa)

Information Technology Basics (South Africa)

Finance for Non-Financial Managers (South Africa)

High-Performance Leadership – Global Leadership Training Program (South Africa)

High-Performance Leadership – Global Leadership Training Program (Australia)

Marketing Academy – 1-year part-time program (Australia)

Finance for Non-Financial Managers (Australia)

Unilever Digital Global Audit (London)

Digital Academy (London)

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