Presentation Skills

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The increasing pace and competitiveness of business makes the need for communication all the more urgent. Presentations have become an essential tool for business communication in workplaces around the world. Ideas need to be shared in a clear and convincing way if they are to influence others. Every presentation is a pitch in which you must sell your ideas to colleagues and outside audiences. This is critical, whether your intention is to inform or persuade, whether you are delivering a formal speech, a presentation using visual aids, an informal address to your staff or a briefing distributed through the media. Successful presenters understand what they must communicate, who they are communicating with, and for what reason. With preparation and practice, anyone can learn to plan, assemble, and deliver a successful presentation every time.

What will be covered?

  • Engaging your audience
  • Creating first impressions
  • Body language
  • Taming nerves
  • Presenting and selling
  • Presenting formally
  • Selecting a framework
  • Introducing visual aids – or not
  • Pacing yourself
  • Running the Q & A
  • Dealing with interruptions and difficult people
  • Talking to the media

Who should attend?

Anyone who is required to speak, whether your audience is a group of receptive colleagues, demanding clients, strict regulators or a wedding party and want them to buy into your message. No matter how strong your ability is to speak in front of people, success depends on careful planning of your content and delivery.

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