Plan & Conduct Productive Meetings

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Many of us feel that we spend too much time in unproductive meetings when we could be getting on with "real work". Actually, meetings are real work and effective meetings are the base for great results. This workshop gives you the tips, tools and techniques to transform your meetings in to positive experiences and ensure successful outcomes.

What will be covered?

  • Using meetings to advance your career
  • Meeting action plan
  • Reinforcing ground rules
  • Meeting requests and planning of agenda
  • Before the meeting
  • Contributions and presentations
  • Questioning techniques and body language
  • Communication outcomes
  • Purpose and objectives of meeting
  • Who needs to attend
  • When should the meeting be scheduled
  • Venue for meeting
  • Meeting resources and equipment
  • Setting the tone
  • Managing the agenda
  • Concluding the meeting
  • Multi location – one leader
  • Evaluate feedback
  • Manage follow up actions
  • Brilliant meetings every time
  • Organisational benefits
  • Outcomes
  • Increase motivation through productive meetings that fully achieve objectives
  • Schedule meetings for the right reasons
  • Accurate preparation for effective meetings
  • Ensure professionally documented meetings
  • Meetings that deliver desired outcomes

Who should attend?

Anyone who recognises the reality that briefings and meetings are an inescapable part of business life.
Anyone who is required to share information, give feedback, initiate strategies, perpetuate a culture, motivate a team or build a consensus.

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