Emotionally Intelligent Teams (EQ)

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EQ is the measurement of an individuals ability to understand and interact with others and becomes more important the more people they deal with. EQ does not meaure personality traits or cognitive capacity. Emotional Intelligence can be developed over time and improved through training and coaching. Those with a high EQ are better equipped to cope with their own emotions, while at the same time using them as a basis for action. Working with emotions, rather than being at the mercy of them, makes individuals more successful in dealing with the demands of the environment around them. They are better able to control impulses and deal with stress, and more effective at problem solving, communication and self management. An advanced EQ ensures an elevated performance and productivity.

What Will Be Covered?

  • Self awareness
  • Self managment
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship management
  • Tools and checklists for developing these areas

Who should attend?

Anyone who understands that the rules for success are changing – that we are being judged by a new yardstick: not just how smart we are, or by our training and expertise, but also how will we manage and respect ourselves and others

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