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Tracey Fowler

Welcome to Tracey Fowler Consulting

Tracey is an independent consultant and founder of Tracey Fowler Consulting. After representing the SACSC (South African Council of Shopping Centres) in her capacity as General Manager, she finally pursued her ultimate passion – People! An outstanding track record of 22 years of positively influencing the development of people and the support from colleagues and peers has made this the inevitable choice.

As a result of her involvement in all-encompassing facets of the retail and property industry, Tracey has combined her knowledge and expertise with her passion for people, to create fundamental tools and practices, ensuring long-term accountability, motivation and self-management.

Understanding your Teenager

As parents, you sometimes misunderstand what your teenagers are really trying to say to you and often find yourselves unable to respond effectively. Y...

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Child & Teenager Coaching

Tracey Fowler Coaching has been successfully growing individuals personally and professionally for many years and has found that really positive, life...

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Keynote Speaking

Tracey is a prolific speaker and presenter and has a great ability to combine solid content with a realistic and dynamic presentation. With a down-to-...

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Coach Training

Coach training offers specific skills for anyone wishing to offer to coach to others. Whether they are already qualified in a complimentary field eg H...

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Individual Coaching

Coaching is about unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It creates a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment in ...

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Fine Tuning Skills & Competencies Wo…

his workshop is designed to introduce and reinforce essential facets that are essential for organisations to advance in a modern and diverse world. W...

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High Performance Team Workshop

A High Performance Team is made of two or more people who communicate regularly, and perceive themselves as a distinct entity distinguishable from oth...

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Emotionally Intelligent Teams (EQ)

EQ is the measurement of an individuals ability to understand and interact with others and becomes more important the more people they deal with. EQ d...

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Presentation Skills

The increasing pace and competitiveness of business makes the need for communication all the more urgent. Presentations have become an essential tool ...

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Plan & Conduct Productive Meetings

Many of us feel that we spend too much time in unproductive meetings when we could be getting on with "real work". Actually, meetings are real work ...

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Time Management

Organise your life, save time, achieve more, conquer procrastination, delegate with success, tackle time-wasting! What will be covered? First thin...

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Effective People Management

Effective People Management

As organisations become flatter, the concept of management is no longer the preserve of the selected elite. Anyone, anywhere in the organisation can b...

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Our Development Approach

Tracey Fowler Consulting aims to assist clients to improve individual and organisational effectiveness through the positive reinforcement of skills, competencies and confidence of each person, by successfully encouraging them to be fully responsible for their own decisions and actions, to acknowledge the importance and interdependence of their personal and professional objectives and to be accountable for their own results.

These essential factors are approached through different angles to ensure people are equipped with the conceptual and practical skills to facilitate an effective value contribution in their personal and professional capacity. Development approaches include the following:

  •  Individual Coaching Sessions
  •  People Development Workshops
  •  Coach Training
  •  Facilitation
  •  Keynote Speaking
  •  Mediation and Intervention
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